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West Craven High School recognises the importance of Religious Education as a vehicle for helping young people ask questions and seek out answers about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self, issues about right and wrong; indeed what it means to be human.

R.E. offers opportunities for moral and spiritual development; it enhances pupil’s awareness of the beliefs and practices of others and the influence of religion and culture in our society.

Religious Education has an important role in preparing young people for adult life, learning and employment in that it encourages respect and tolerance. Young people are encouraged to develop skills of analysis and evaluation in relation to life issues.

Religious Education is part of the Arts, Humanities and R.E Faculty. The R.E. Department is made up of two members of staff:
Ms Julie Grimshaw
Mrs Farzana Ali

Key Stage 3

We follow the Lancashire agreed syllabus in Year 7 and 8 which is an exploration of themes exemplified through the major world faiths.

The programme of study each year is as follows: 


Term 1 (Winter)

Term 2 (Spring)

Term 3 (Summer)

Year 7

  • Belonging
  • Christmas
  • What is Islam
  • Big questions
  • Creation and the environment
  • Sikhism

Year 8

  • Hinduism
  • Holy Books
  • Easter and the Eucharist
  • Judaism
  • Buddhism
  • Jesus peace and forgiveness

Key Stage 4


At GCSE we follow the AQA Religious Studies GCSE which we begin in Year 9.
The programme of study each year is as follows:


Term 1 (Winter)

Term 2 (Spring)

Term 3 (Summer)

Year 9

  • Islamic beliefs
  • Christian beliefs
  • Sex and relationships
  • Human Rights
  • Matters of life and death
  • The environment
  • Islamic practices

Year 11


  • Crime and punishment
  • Christian practices
  • Revision of Themes, Beliefs and Practices
  • Exam Practice