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Media Studies

Media Studies

Media Studies is a practical course that focuses on analysing and creating various forms of media including film, television, radio, magazines, newspapers and the internet.

Media today fulfils a variety of functions – it informs, entertains, sells, persuades and more. 

During Media study, students look at how media plays such a part in our lives. A vast range of media texts are explored, from advertisements to computer games, with an emphasis upon understanding the impact these media have on us as consumers of them.

Key skills are developed and a willingness to question what is seen and the meaning the text drives students’ progress. There is a real need for all media studies students to access film and television along with news and current affairs as a working knowledge of these areas is important.

Media is fascinating as it explores how we are manipulated and encouraged to respond to what we see and hear in a planned and managed way.  It opens up a chance for pupils to see the work of advertisers, newspapers and other media in a wholly new way.

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