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Your Place for Fun, Your Place for Knowledge.

The school library is a dynamic facility which provides a supportive study and research environment for all.  On a daily basis, there are library based lessons which support pupils' learning and personal development. 

Our aim is to develop pupil skills to: understand and retrieve information; confidently use both print and ICT based resources; raise standards of literacy by encouraging pupils to grow their love and enjoyment of books and reading – skills essential for life!

As you’d expect, we stock a vast range of resources including: books, e-readers, laptops, CDs and newspapers.

Each lunchtime, the library offers a relaxed atmosphere where pupils can read quietly, play games, or just ‘chill-out’ in our beanbag area!

The library is open each day at 8:30 am, during lunch time and after school for lower school prep until 4 pm, Monday to Thursday. (hosted)

The school library catalogue is available online.  This offers remote access to and the iMLS App allows access to the school library and its resources from personal mobile phones or tablets. 

Pupils can access Eclipse using their own personal login; this allows them to check stock, view the latest and most popular books and request books for the school to purchase; it also offers access to a comprehensive collection of safe websites that pupils can use to help with homework topics.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Key Stage 3 - Years 7 and 8

Accelerated Reader is an online software program that monitors and manages independent reading, allowing staff to help pupils select books of an appropriate reading age and level of challenge. This ensures each student’s progress in comprehension and vocabulary is monitored and supported closely throughout their formative years of their secondary education.

Accelerated Reader is part of a whole school strategy to continue to raise literacy standards for all abilities and develop a lifelong love of reading; enhancing a smooth transition from primary to secondary education.

Year 7 Autumn Term

Year 8 Autumn Term

Home Connect

Home Connect allows pupils and parents to monitor reading progress after reading and quizzing on a book using the Accelerated Reader program in school.  Parents are immediately informed of their child’s successes through setting up an email link with school.

To log into Home Connect, please visit the linkHome Connect

Librarian: Mrs Julie Boardman

Teen Book Club – to browse books or place your order please click here
Student Librarians:
Year 10:  Alan Hanson, Michael Hanson.

We are supporting Lancashire’s 50 book challenge, to read or listen to one book per week in 2018. Find out more by clicking the box below.