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Escape Room

Escape Room

On Monday, 5 February, 36 gifted and talented students from Years 9, 10 and 11 experienced a unique team building activity with a fun and interactive visit to the Escape Room in Preston.


Split into teams, they had to work together to solve the tricky logic puzzles which they tackled with enthusiasm and vigour. As well as the focus on team building, time management was key to crack the codes to open the boxes, crates and doors in order to escape in the allotted 60 minute time frame.


The most successful group managed to escape the Mummy room with an impressive15 minutes to spare! Well done to Natasha Seed, Georgina MacDonald, Lucas Riley, Madison Turner, Andrew McCaffrey and Lucy Ayrton


The Vampire room was tackled by Jack Farrell, Alex Martin, Sam Rose, Callum Banks, Gurbir Randhawa and Kyle Sharples who escaped with six minutes to spare! Whilst Sarah Oddie, Caitlin Noon, Daisy Hill, Archie Whittaker, Ellisah Nicholson and Syed Saif Ali escaped the Taken room with just 4 minutes to spare.


The contestants in the Prison Break room (who were handcuffed together to complete the challenge), the Gallery room and the Spy Mission room failed to break out. The Spy Mission room, by far the hardest room with a low escape success rate, was tackled by Jessica Clapham, Sam Bond, Megan Freeman, Ellie Ayrton, Matthew Parnell and Drew Armstrong; though they failed to break out, the Escape staff were extremely impressed with their teamwork skills and enthusiasm.


The students had a fantastic day which they found challenging, fun and exciting! Mrs Erskine and Mr Plant were particularly impressed with the behaviour and their team work skills!