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Schools are required to publish the current admissions policy operated by the Local Education Authority on their behalf. Within Lancashire, when a County or Controlled school receives more applications than there are places available, first preference requests are considered before all others. Within this group, priority is given to brothers and sisters of children already attending the school and then to children for whom the Authority accepts that there are exceptional reasons for admission. (Supporting evidence from, for example, a doctor or social worker may be necessary).

Any remaining places are allocated according to a geographical factor. Full details of this are provided in the booklet, ‘Secondary School Admission’, which will be distributed via the primary schools to parents during the first week in November. You can get a copy here. You can also get information from the Lancashire Admission webpages.

If all first preference requests are satisfied, second preferences are considered in the same way, and then third preferences.

Parents of Roman Catholic children attending Roman Catholic Primary Schools, who wish to apply to a County or Controlled school, should read the relevant passages in the Admissions booklet as priority differs in their case.

West Craven High School’s admission limit is 140 pupils per year group.